The Best Beauty Marketing Agencies 2024
Top Marketing Agencies for the Beauty Brands

This rating was updated on:
1st of February 2024
As a marketing leader navigating the vast and ever-evolving digital landscape for beauty brands, selecting the right digital marketing agency is critical. This decision not only shapes your brand's online presence but also its capacity for innovation and growth on a global scale. Our exhaustive review, crafted from the perspective of marketing leaders seeking a partnership beyond the conventional client-agency relationship, aims to be a strategic alliance driving transformative digital achievements. We've rigorously evaluated the performance, expertise, and results of the world's premier digital marketing agencies specializing in the beauty sector to help you make an informed choice that meets your lofty marketing goals.

Success in the beauty industry depends on adept digital engagement, anticipating market disruptions, and adapting to changing consumer behaviors. A poorly chosen agency can compromise budgets, hinder innovation, and diminish stakeholder confidence.

This global rating of the top digital marketing agencies for beauty brands is informed by surveys of owners and C-level executives from Forbes Global 2000 companies, with a significant focus on those specializing in the beauty industry. Their feedback accounts for 75% of an agency's total score, with the remaining 25% derived from a comprehensive analysis of 14 additional performance indicators*.
Understanding the evolving preferences and attitudes of consumers is a critical challenge for marketers in the beauty sector.
— Alex R., Marketing Director, L'Oreal
This rating is meticulously crafted to empower marketing leaders in the beauty industry to overcome their principal challenges, including:
  • achieving growth KPIs;
  • leading impactful digital transformations;
  • adapting to changing customer behaviors;
  • anticipating and preparing for digital disruptions;
  • leveraging emerging technologies;
  • innovating with confidence and decisiveness;
  • securing buy-in from other C-suite leaders;
  • excelling in digital activations.
best beverage marketing agencies - OhBEV
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - OhBEV
Company profile
Skyrocket is a Vancouver-based digital marketing agency specializing in immersive brand experiences. They blend branding, design, development, and marketing to connect organizations with their audiences digitally. Known for strategic collaborations with beauty brands like Alterna (Henkel) and Maple Organics, Skyrocket excels in digital identity creation, e-commerce optimization, and agile web development, driving engagement and sustainable growth. With over a decade of experience and a portfolio of 80+ brands, they stand out for their purpose-driven approach and commitment to innovation.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - OhBEV
Contact details
Address: 301-560 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3, Canada

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Sopexa
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Sopexa
Company profile
GATES, founded in 2014 by Cecilia Gates with over 20 years of experience in global retail brands, is a creative agency that blends strategy with instinct to evolve brands through storytelling and impactful voice. Specializing in brand campaigns, development, strategy, experiential marketing, and more, GATES collaborates closely with clients to build a strong brand presence, re-engage existing customers, and attract new ones. Their portfolio includes work with renowned beauty and fashion brands, showcasing their commitment to creativity and results-driven outcomes.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Sopexa
Contact details
+1 (646) 580-1751
Address: 17 W 17th, Suite 705, New York, NY 10011

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - YesMore
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - YesMore
Company profile
Seen Group, led by CEO Jane Walsh, is a dynamic, female-first beauty-focused agency known for its creativity, energy, and commitment to inclusivity and excellence. Established in 2019, it collaborates closely with the British Beauty Council to elevate the UK beauty industry's government recognition, emphasizing education, innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. The agency prioritizes empowering its team with regular brainstorming, trend updates, and exceptional training opportunities, alongside advocating for industry-wide change in inclusivity, diversity, and representation.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - YesMore
Contact details
+44 207 1869 800
Address: 20 Little Portland Street, London, Fitzrovia, W1W 8BS, United Kingdom

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Stranger & Stranger
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Stranger & Stranger
Company profile
Established, founded in 2007 by Sam O'Donahue and Rebecca Jones, is a New York-based full-service creative agency. Known for its comprehensive services including branding, packaging, logo design, and art direction, Established has a rich history of creating award-winning global brands. Their work, recognized by numerous awards like the Pentaward and D&AD Awards, showcases their expertise in delivering highly successful, innovative solutions across a diverse client base. This agency excels in transforming and rejuvenating brands, making a significant impact in the design world.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Stranger & Stranger
Contact details
+1 (212) 633-0336
Address: 584 Broadway, # 801, New York, NY, 10012

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Jack Morton
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Jack Morton
Company profile
Case is a strategy-focused agency that partners with both global beauty brands and indie founders to craft unique identities and connect with audiences. Founded in 2004 and inspired by the Case Study House Movement, it emphasizes collaboration, strategic insight, and agile methodologies. The team's passion and dedication to design and function shine through in their work, creating impactful solutions across various touchpoints.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Jack Morton
Contact details
+1 (212) 699-1842
Address: 145 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Katlist
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Katlist
Company profile
Pull is a creative agency and consultancy known for its award-winning digital transformations and insight-driven storytelling. Born in the digital era, Pull focuses on unleashing business potential and creating enduring brand connections. They emphasize a blend of strategy, technology, and creativity, with a strong foundation in brand development. Their approach involves embracing the unconventional, advocating for impactful solutions, and utilizing both technology and human creativity to achieve client success.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Katlist
Contact details
+44 1483 424460
Address: Spaces, Units A-J, Austen House, Station View, Guildford GU1 4AR, United Kingdom

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - High Proof Creative
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - High-Proof Creative
Company profile
CMM specializes in brand storytelling, press relations, influencer partnerships, events, and retailer support, focusing on creating meaningful connections and elevating beauty brands through strategic communication and innovative campaigns. Their approach integrates traditional media with modern digital strategies to achieve impactful results and brand growth.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - High-Proof Creative
Contact details
+1 (212) 979-8884
Address: 594 Broadway, Suite 500, New York, NY 10012

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Wonderworks
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Wonderworks
Company profile
Base Beauty, founded by Jodi Katz over 16 years ago in New York City, specializes in driving growth for global corporations and investors within the beauty industry. Their team of experts adopts an integrated marketing approach to dismantle client silos and deliver impactful campaigns. Serving a wide range of clients from skincare to wellness, including notable brands like Aquaphor, Clarisonic, and Clinique, Base Beauty is recognized for its beauty and wellness expertise, award-winning designs, and industry influence, highlighted by their participation in major events and their top-rated podcast, WHERE BRAINS MEET BEAUTY™.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Wonderworks
Contact details
Address: 231 W 29th Street, Suite 802, New York, NY 10001
best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Cubo Drinks
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Cubo Drinks
Company profile
Blue Wheel, an omni-channel agency founded in 2011 and based in metro Detroit, specializes in marketplace management and performance advertising. Merging two companies in January 2023, they now offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions, managing over $1 billion in client revenue across platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. Blue Wheel is dedicated to scaling brands from "click to ship" with a commitment to data-driven results, underscored by a set of core values emphasizing innovation, resilience, and integrity.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Cubo Drinks
Contact details
Address: 1837 Enterprise Dr. Rochester Hills, MI 48309

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Brunch
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Brunch
Company profile
MSLK combines strategic insight and creative design to craft memorable brand experiences. Founded by Sheri L Koetting, the agency emphasizes sustainability, love for brands, and knowledge in the beauty sector. With a team passionate about making a positive impact, MSLK specializes in branding, digital marketing, and consumer research, aiming to build brands that are memorable, sustainable, lovable, and knowledgeable. Their commitment to beauty and wellness brands is evident in their approach to creating engaging, effective marketing solutions.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Brunch
Contact details
+1 (718) 545-0075
Address: 23-23 33rd Rd, Queens, NY 11106

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - DAf
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - DAf
Company profile
Foundation is a performance marketing agency for beauty brands, offering services like paid media, SEO, social media, content, and CRO. They focus on delivering growth using data insights and campaign performance, emphasizing agility, trustworthiness, and passion. With a team of over 45 digital marketing experts and elite partnerships, including Google and Facebook, Foundation works with ambitious beauty brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Morphe, and Fresh Cosmetics, aiming to act as an extension of their clients' teams.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - DAf
Contact details
Address: 1 Purbeck House, Cardiff Business Park, Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales, CF14 5GJ

#12 BOWO Creative

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Crew Marketing Partners
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Crew Marketing Partners
Company profile
BOWO Creative, founded by Tracey Nguyen in 2018, specializes in marketing for beauty brands, med spas, and beauty bars. With a focus on building brands, growing followings, and nurturing communities, BOWO Creative offers tailored marketing strategies to help beauty businesses thrive. Tracey's experience with top brands and as a beauty entrepreneur informs the agency's mission to support female entrepreneurs and WOMXN in scaling their beauty businesses globally. BOWO Creative is dedicated to #WOMENEMPOWERMENT and fostering a community that inspires financial, mental, and physical growth.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Crew Marketing Partners
Contact details
+1 (416) 896 1622
Address: 4711 Yonge St 10th Floor, Toronto, ON M2N 6K8, Canada

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Skål
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Skål
Company profile
SMAKK Studios, established in 2011 and female-owned, positions itself as the creative force for emerging wellness, beauty, and personal care brands. They are dedicated to building the future of beauty through innovative strategies that encompass brand development, ecommerce solutions, packaging design, and growth marketing, all aimed at producing measurable results. Their approach is holistic, focusing on agility and emotional connection to meet consumer needs, and they boast a portfolio that includes impactful work for brands like The Honey Pot Company and Lip Bar.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Skål
Contact details
+1 (917) 617-2539
Address: 561 Broadway Apt 5B, New York, NY 10012, United States

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Vinbound Marketing
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Vinbound Marketing
Company profile
AMP Agency specializes in digital makeovers for beauty brands, leveraging dynamic retargeting, platform-specific content, and sampling strategies to navigate the evolving consumer discovery process. They focus on creating measurable growth through integrated campaigns that cover the entire consumer journey from online discovery to offline purchase, embodying the shift towards influencer-driven market trends in the beauty industry.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Vinbound Marketing
Contact details
+1 (617) 837-8200
Address: 75 State St., Suite 1410, Boston, MA 02109

#15 Helen + Gertude

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Pour
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Pour
Company profile
Helen + Gertrude, a marketing agency blending creativity and data, specializes in beauty, personal care, and wellness. Emphasizing effective strategies and authentic engagement, they focus on building brands that resonate deeply with consumers. Their approach combines insights, brand development, and innovative campaigns to foster growth and meaningful connections, ensuring brands stand out in the dynamic beauty industry.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Pour
Contact details
+1 (607) 760-3926
Address: 127 Railroad Street, Suite 210, Rochester, New York

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Union
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Union
Company profile
SPINX Digital, a Los Angeles-based agency, excels in transforming beauty brands with its digital expertise. Specializing in web development and beauty branding, SPINX leverages the latest trends and technical know-how to enhance online visibility and engagement. With a focus on creating vibrant and panache-filled websites and social media platforms, their approach is designed to reflect the brand's identity and attract customers. Their work with notable beauty brands showcases their ability to deliver tailored digital marketing solutions.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Union
Contact details
+1 (213) 894-9933
Address: 911 W. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90015

#17 BeautyMark Marketing

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Quench
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Quench
Company profile
BeautyMark Marketing specializes in salon branding and marketing, offering a tailored approach to beauty entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their presence. Founded by Kierna Terrisse, with over a decade of experience and a background in prestigious beauty brands, BeautyMark is dedicated to helping salons attract dream clients and fill appointment books through co-branding partnerships and specialized marketing services.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Quench
Contact details
+1 (805) 550-7093
Address: San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, US

#18 Cosmetic PR

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Vin
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Vin
Company profile
Cosmetic PR, led by Lucy Hilson, is a boutique agency specializing in PR and digital marketing for the medical aesthetics, beauty, and wellness sectors. With over 18 years of experience, the agency excels in transforming small brands into industry leaders, offering in-depth knowledge and business support to elevate clients in these competitive fields.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Vin
Contact details
Address: 1 Tower House, Tower Centre, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England, EN11 8UR

#19 Beautiful Sparks

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Heart Creative
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Heart Creative
Company profile

Beautiful Sparks is a branding and marketing agency that elevates beauty and luxury brands with a digital-first approach. Specializing in brand strategy, identity, content, and campaigns, they empower small teams and big dreams worldwide, ensuring brands stand out in competitive markets. Their unique brand expression system enhances brand presence, storytelling, and community engagement, driving growth and attracting brand-proud fans.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Heart Creative
Contact details
Address: 81-83 Campbell Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia

#20 The Beauty of Marketing

best beverage marketing agencies 2023 - Hired Guns Creative
best wine marketing agencies 2023 - Hired Guns Creative
Company profile
The Beauty of Marketing is a leading agency dedicated to elevating beauty brands for global recognition and growth. Specializing in digital landscape mastery, they offer tailored solutions in TikTok Shops, Meta Ads, social media management, and email marketing. Their unique approach weaves creativity with strategy, transforming beauty brands into digital leaders and ensuring their compelling narrative leads the industry.
best spirits marketing agencies 2023 - Hired Guns Creative
Contact details
+44 7464 610 997
Address: 111 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2HY, United Kingdom

Digital Marketing for Beauty Brands: A Global Perspective

In the global arena of beauty brands, digital marketing transcends geographical boundaries, embracing a diverse and dynamic approach. The digital landscape for beauty brands is rich with opportunities, demanding strategies that resonate on a universal scale while honoring local nuances. Tailoring digital marketing to the beauty industry involves understanding the unique consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends that define this sector.

Key considerations for digital marketing within the beauty industry include leveraging social media platforms to engage with a global audience effectively. Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, for instance, are instrumental in showcasing beauty products, tutorials, and influencer collaborations, making them essential channels for beauty brands.

Paid advertising, through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and influencer partnerships, offers targeted approaches to reach specific demographics and interests, ensuring that marketing messages resonate with the intended audience. Moreover, the adoption of emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) for virtual try-ons and personalized beauty consultations online fosters an innovative and interactive customer experience.

Compliance with international regulations regarding advertising and marketing, along with a deep understanding of cultural sensitivities and preferences, is crucial for global campaigns. This ensures that digital marketing efforts are not only effective but also respectful and inclusive.

In evaluating digital marketing agencies for beauty brands, it's important to consider their expertise in navigating the global market, their ability to leverage digital channels to build brand awareness and engagement, and their track record in driving tangible results for beauty brands. Agencies that excel in understanding the beauty industry's unique challenges and opportunities can provide strategic guidance and execution that aligns with the brand's vision and goals.

This comprehensive approach to digital marketing for beauty brands highlights the importance of a strategic, culturally aware, and technologically savvy partner in achieving global reach and impact. By focusing on these elements, beauty brands can elevate their digital presence, connect with consumers worldwide, and drive growth in the competitive beauty industry landscape.

What You Need to Think About When Rating the Best Digital Agencies for the Beauty Brands

Choosing the right agency for your beauty brand isn't always easy – what considerations should guide your selection? this guide aims to clarify.
Navigating the rapid pace of digital marketing is crucial for beauty brands to stay competitive. Effective strategies are vital to avoid being overshadowed in a market flooded with choices, where consumer loyalty can swiftly shift due to compelling digital campaigns from competitors.

The value of external expertise is recognized by brands seeking to enhance their digital presence. Agencies with a deep understanding of digital technologies and the beauty market can offer fresh perspectives and strategic insights.

The importance of selecting the right partner cannot be overstated. A poor choice can lead to lost clientele, reduced visibility, and wasted budget. It's essential to evaluate potential agencies' capabilities and track record in the beauty industry to ensure they align with your business's goals.

Guidance for evaluating digital agencies focuses on identifying those with the expertise, experience, and innovative approaches necessary to drive success for beauty brands in the digital realm.

What Are Your Digital Marketing Goals?

Understanding your marketing objectives is essential before selecting a digital marketing agency specializing in beauty industry. It involves a comprehensive assessment of what your brand aims to achieve in the digital space. Your strategy should cover various facets of digital marketing, reflecting the unique aspects of the beauty industry. A skilled agency will provide expertise in these areas, ensuring your goals are met. What areas should your digital strategy prioritize to stand out in the competitive beauty market?

Is Your Website Performing?

Regular website evaluations are crucial, especially in the competitive beauty industry. Assess if your site meets the unique needs of beauty consumers, focusing on responsiveness, user-friendliness, and the ability to keep content fresh and relevant. Modern beauty websites must engage users with interactive elements to enhance their experience. A proficient digital marketing agency for beauty brands should identify and suggest improvements to ensure your website stands out. Their ability to offer actionable insights is key to determining their suitability for your brand's digital strategy.

Enhancing SEO for Beauty Brands

For beauty brands, implementing an effective SEO strategy is key to increasing online visibility. It's important to optimize your website's content, including blogs and articles, with SEO practices. Regular evaluation of your SEO strategy ensures your brand remains visible for essential search terms. A digital marketing agency with expertise in the beauty industry should offer tailored solutions to improve your search rankings. If an agency lacks this capability, it might not be the right match for your beauty brand's needs.

Crafting Digital Advertising for Beauty Brands

For beauty brands, exploring diverse advertising avenues is crucial. This includes web banners, pop-ups, and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, which are vital for achieving enhanced visibility online. Beauty brands can also benefit from advertising on their websites or by collaborating with third parties to generate additional revenue. PPC, in particular, offers targeted advertising opportunities, ensuring that your ads reach the desired audience efficiently. A digital marketing agency specializing in the beauty industry should be adept at executing these campaigns, providing precise targeting and flexibility to adjust strategies as needed, ensuring your advertising efforts align perfectly with your brand's objectives.

Social Media

In the beauty industry, social media's impact is undeniable, offering a direct line to over 4.62 billion users globally. For beauty brands, it's not just about presence but engaging effectively with the audience through curated content, targeted advertising, and strategic influencer collaborations. A digital marketing agency with a beauty focus should guide you in choosing the right platforms, understanding where your target audience spends their time. They should also offer insights into leveraging social media ads and PPC to broaden your reach, and navigating the influencer marketing landscape to amplify your brand's message. The goal is to ensure your social media strategy is as dynamic and engaging as the beauty products and services you offer, requiring a tailored approach that understands the nuances of the beauty sector. Proper social media management goes beyond just setup; it includes ongoing maintenance and optimization to keep the conversation flowing and the connection with your audience strong.

Your Budget for Marketing?

Budgeting is a pivotal consideration when seeking digital marketing services tailored for beauty brands. Your investment reflects the quality and scope of services you can expect. It's unlikely that high-quality services will come without a cost, and unusually low prices may not yield the results you're aiming for. Understanding the market rates and setting realistic budget expectations are crucial first steps.

The right budgeting approach involves clear priorities. Whether enhancing your website with the latest technological trends, achieving top SEO rankings for beauty-specific keywords, or boosting your social media engagement, knowing what you need most will guide your financial planning. With this clarity, engage with agencies by sharing your budget constraints and assessing their proposed solutions for value and effectiveness.

Flexibility in payment terms, such as fixed-price contracts or monthly retainers, is common among agencies experienced with beauty brands. Determine which model suits your business best, and don't hesitate to negotiate terms. Remember, the goal is to forge a partnership that drives your brand forward within your financial means.

What Should You Ask Your Beauty Marketing Agency?

In today's digital era, effective digital marketing is pivotal for beauty brands aiming to carve out a significant presence in a saturated market. The quest for the perfect marketing partner, specialized in the nuances of beauty, skincare, and cosmetics, is crucial for brand differentiation and growth. Amidst a plethora of options, finding a fit that truly aligns with your brand's ethos and aspirations can seem formidable.

Priority lies in choosing an agency not by coercion but through deliberate selection, ensuring a synergy between the agency's creative vision and your brand's objectives. Resist the push towards agencies that resort to aggressive sales pitches, focusing instead on a partnership that feels inherently right for your brand's trajectory.

To gauge an agency's competence, delve into their portfolio, emphasizing past triumphs within the beauty sector. Authentic case studies and testimonials from previous clients in the beauty industry are invaluable, providing a lens into the agency's ability to deliver tangible outcomes and foster brand growth. An agency's reputation, illuminated through direct feedback from its clientele, often speaks volumes about its potential to elevate your beauty brand to new heights.

Evaluating an agency's expertise is crucial, so checking for relevant credentials and certifications that underscore their proficiency in the beauty industry is a key step. Communication style is equally important; the agency must articulate their strategies in a way that aligns with your brand's vision, avoiding unnecessary jargon that obscures clarity.

A trial period can be a prudent approach to gauge compatibility before committing to a long-term agreement, offering a glimpse into the working relationship and potential success. Specialization in the beauty sector ensures the agency not only understands but can also anticipate the unique challenges and opportunities your brand faces. Confirming the breadth of their service offerings will ensure they can meet all your needs, preventing the hassle of engaging multiple agencies for different aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Finally, ask the agency how they measure results. You want results, so it's important to know how your agency will measure your results and how often. What will the key performance indicators (KPIs) be? What will the results be measured against? Will they send weekly reports or monthly reports? How will they format the reports?

Digital marketing is a critical aspect of any beauty brand's growth strategy, and finding the right marketing partner can make all the difference. Take the time to consider the factors mentioned above when selecting an agency to ensure that you choose the right partner for your beauty brand. By working with a professional, knowledgeable agency that specializes in your market, covers the services you need, and communicates clearly, you should see a significant shift in results fairly quickly.

* 14 Additional Factors Contributing to 25% of Agencies' Ratings:

  1. Internal SEO Optimization: Assessed through a comprehensive checklist of best practices, including site speed, meta tags, content quality, and mobile-friendliness, resulting in a score out of 100.
  2. Domain Rating (DR): Measured on a scale from 0 to 100, indicating the strength of a website's backlink profile compared to the entirety of domains in the Ahrefs database.
  3. Average DR of Referring Domains: Calculated as the mean Domain Rating of all domains linking to the agency's website, indicating the average authority of these sites.
  4. Positions of the Agency in Google: Monitored by tracking the agency's organic search rankings for relevant keywords within the beauty industry, providing a visibility score.
  5. Number of Brand Mentions in Google: Quantified by counting the occurrences of the agency's name in the search results and related online discussions.
  6. Availability of Pages on Social Networks: Evaluated by the presence and activity level of the agency's profiles across major social platforms, resulting in a social footprint score.
  7. Engagement Rate (ER) of Social Media Pages: Calculated by analyzing interactions (likes, shares, comments) relative to the number of followers and post frequency on the agency's social media pages.
  8. 3rd Party Ratings: Collated from recognized platforms such as Clutch, Trustpilot, Sortlist, etc., with agencies receiving a composite score based on their ratings across these sites.
  9. Partnership with Google: Recognized by official certifications or partnership statuses with Google, contributing to the agency's score for industry recognition.
  10. Number of Digital Marketing Awards: Counted based on the awards won by the agency in the digital marketing domain, reflecting their creative and strategic excellence.
  11. Number of Years in the Market: Factored into the agency's experience score, with longer-standing agencies demonstrating sustained industry presence.
  12. Number of Employees: Indicative of the agency's size and capacity to undertake projects of varying scales, contributing to a resource availability score.
  13. Number and Quality of Cases in the Last Year: Evaluated based on the volume and impact of successful case studies or campaigns conducted in the previous year, each graded on a scale of impact.
  14. Client Satisfaction and Retention: Measured through client feedback, retention rates, and case study testimonials to gauge client satisfaction over time.